Character Creation

Pretty straightforward.

29-point ability buy. Any official Race or Class (meaning anything published in a book by Wizards of the Coast or found in one of their free printables) is fine. If you want to do something weird like Kenku ([[Volo's Guide to Monsters]]), I absolutely will allow it but since Kenku are SO FUCKING WEIRD, it will involve considerable discussion. If you find something else you want to use, ask. I'm not opposed to using custom content. Just the opposite, in fact; I'm positively excited by the possibility. I just need to make sure it's properly balanced and appropriate to this adventure before giving it an okay.

Starting equipment/money

First, take all the equipment granted by your background. not the backstory you wrote; the background characteristic you wrote on your character sheet. Next, take either the standard starting package for your class OR use the following values to buy your starting gear.

Barbarian: 75 gp
Bard: 125 gp
Cleric: 125 gp
Druid: 75 gp
Fighter: 150 gp
Monk: 25 gp
Paladin: 150 gp
Ranger: 140 gp
Rogue: 100 gp
Sorcerer: 75 gp
Warlock: 125 gp
Wizard: 125 gp

Those numbers are based on an average dice roll on the table from page 143 of the PHB and modified by the cost of the average starting package for each class. It’s not enough money to buy the most expensive options available for your class but it’s more than enough to buy the cheapest.

Please don't assume you'll be able to supplement your starting equipment with things you can buy "in town." While there is "town" and you will be able to buy stuff there, the real-world corollary to the region in which this adventure takes place is Alaska. You can definitely go to the shop and buy "a sword." You may or may not be able to find a cutlass. You can go to the shop and buy "armor." You may or may not be able to find a suit of full plate and if you do, it may or may not be offered at what civilized places would call "fair price."

The Dale

Why are you here? Everyone needs a reason to be in Icewind Dale (Bryn Shander, specifically). For my part, I don't care very much what that reason is. If you're a born native, that's fine. If you're a merchant here on business, that's good too. Read up on the region. Read the blurbs I put in this Wiki; read the [[Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide]]; play the Icewind Dale video games. I certainly don't know everything about this place. I know what's in my campaign guide and the SCAG.


Please give me a 1-page (or less) backstory. Include some ideas about why your character is coming to Icewind Dale (assuming you don’t live there). Just some ideas; nothing carved in stone. Once you have a good idea who your character is, you and I will work together on how/why they are in the Dale.


Here is how alignments work. This is probably the one thing in the game that is absolutely not up for debate. Different people have different views on what specific alignments entail but in this game, there needs to be a unified "rule." So here it is.

First: Like Batman said: It's not who I am inside but what I do that defines me. Think of both axes of the alignment grid in that context. For purposes of determining your alignment, your motivations are almost entirely irrelevant. I'll explain as we go.

Good vs Evil

Good means your will go out of your way to avoid hurting another living creature. Evil means you will go out of your way to harm another living creature. It's that simple. I don't care why you do what you do; it's the doing that counts (in this context). 

Lawful means you have a very well-defined sense of honor. It doesn't matter whether anyone else agrees with your definition of honor; only that you adhere to it more often than half the time. 
Chaotic means you don't really care about this thing called honor. You do what you want because you want to, very rarely because it's the right thing to do. Jack Sparrow is a good example of Chaotic.

Character Creation

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